Illuminated Ambarino Pathways Mod

Illuminated Ambarino Pathways Mod

I’ve added semi-immersive lighting to every path into/out of Ambarino as far north as Colter.

map editor
ScriptHookRDR2 V2
VESTIGIA – A Graphical and Environmental Overhaul
Lenny’s Mod Loader
Lenny’s Simple Trainer

11/28/2022 Update: Started over, greatly increased distance in between each lamp (only closing the distance to light up obstacles on or near the pathway), to create a less artificial feeling to the placement, given the remote location. The light placements should also no longer get in the way of a wagon in some spots it was before. Future updates may light the remainder of the roads and paths in the deep snow of Grizzlies West. For now, you’ll have to add the rest yourself, if you want that.

This is a subjective, mostly utilitarian “mod”. I spend all my time in Ambarino, and use Vestigia, which makes it near-impossible to see at night. I like the darkness, but still want to be able to travel a road at night, so I added lanterns on sticks as guideposts.

I’ve lit every pathway/road (I’m pretty sure) into Ambarino, as far north as Colter, and no further. I figured there wouldn’t be a reason to have lit the road to the Adlers’ ranch, given (without further mods) it is burnt down and abandoned. I highly recommend using this in unison with Colter Base Camp by Eastern357.

Just in case anybody wonders, I didn’t perfectly match my lights’ path to what the map shows near Barrow Lake headed north, I lit a more optimal path for wagons.

This is literally the first map edit I’ve uploaded, but I made a [hasty] attempt to illuminate while preserving some sense of immersion by using a light type that might be found on a remote mountain path. Admittedly the amount of lamp posts is a bit much in some places, and uses only one type on lamp, and I may clean it/expand upon it at a later date. For now, I’ve included both the [tested and working] .YMAP file (MUST HAVE Lenny’s Mod Loader), and the .XML file (MUST HAVE MapEditor), in case you wish to make any changes to it, or don’t want to use the YMAP for whatever reason.

This mod was created using tools/assets from Lambdarevolution’s MapEditor; I take no credit beyond the arrangement of some stupid lamps (idk what legal jargon goes here).


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