Survival Mechanics Mod

Survival Mechanics Mod

This mod forces you to eat, drink, sleep, wear appropriate clothes for the current weather, make you suffer injuries, lets you build a camp, change your clothes or get drunk anywhere.

Version 1.0.2:
– Fixed the first mission in the story being broken by the mod. Also added an option to keep the mod disabled during chapter one. I didn’t actually test this yet since I’d have to play through chapter one to see if it works properly… But the bug should be fixed even with this option turned off.
– Added COLD_SCREEN_EFFECT and HOT_SCREEN_EFFECT ini options to disabled the blur if you’re cold or hot.
– Fixed losing money upon dying. (wasn’t really a bug, just a feature I meant to remove…)

Version 1.0.1:
– Crash while bathing is fixed.
– Pressing the hotkey any time will cancel the current animation you’re in, so you can use it in case somehow you get stuck while resting, drinking etc..

This is a compilation of some of my previously released mods as well as some I’ve only made for myself and haven’t released before.
It has a ton of ini options to customize every aspect of it, or disable parts you don’t want.

Use the hotkey (‘0’ by default, change in the ini), or the press the ‘open satchel’ button on controllers for the prompts to come up.

Base core drain:
Your cores are slowly getting drained over time. Eat, drink, sleep and take care of yourself to keep them from being depleted all the time…

Thirst core:
Over time you become dehydrated… It’ll slowly drain your cores, then eventually your health and you’ll die. Use your flask or drink from rivers to restore your thirst core. Refill your flask in rivers / lakes, or in saloons alongside your whisky flask.

Hunger core:
There is no hunger core…
By default sleeping or bathing doesn’t restore your health core, only eating does. Combined with the “base core drain” feature effectively turning your health core into a hunger core. Eat to have health…

Pee core:
Take a leak every now and then or your pee-pee explodes.

Weather core:
Not wearing appropriate clothes for the weather will make you overheat or become hypothermic. It’ll drain your cores, apply a screen effect and you’ll slowly lose health. Warm yourself up by your campfire or by getting drunk, take shelter in your tent from rain, drink water or wash yourself to cool yourself down, etc…

Sleep core:
This is my “Sleep Deprivation” mod completely included here.
If you go for too long without sleeping you’ll become tired that’ll make you do “heavy blinks” and slowly drains your health. Eventually you’ll pass out of sleep deprivation. (Check the description of Sleep Deprivation for more details…)

This is a light version of my “Critical Hits” mod, if you want a more fleshed out version of this feature use Critical Hits instead.
You have a random chance to suffer an injury during combat that’ll make you fall over and act injured for a while.
Your health doesn’t regenerate while you’re injured (get drunk to ease the pain and offset this), and your cores are getting drained faster.
You can set if injuries should heal on their own, only heal when you sleep or when you use a health tonic AND sleep.

These are the rest options from my “Camp Anywhere” mod + the take a nap option from Sleep Deprivation.
Resting slowly regenerates your stamina core, taking a nap will partially restore your sleep core and all your main cores.
The three different rest options (sit, relax, play guitar) are just for immersion.

Washing yourself:
You can wash yourself in rivers to clean blood (some injuries will leave permanent blood on you) or dirt off yourself, or to cool yourself in hot weather…

Whisky Flask:
This has everything from my “Happy Flask” mod + getting drunk helps you deal with bad weather or eases the pain and regenerates your health when you’re injured. Refill flask in saloons.

This is pretty much my “Camp Anywhere” mod without the advanced part, it let’s you build a camp anywhere, with some extra options like only be able to build a camp when your horse is nearby.

Change clothes anywhere:
This simply lets you switch between your saved custom outfits anywhere. Only works with *custom* outfits, not with pre-made sets you can buy in stores or at the trapper. This makes the survival experience less hardcore, but allows you travel around without your horse and not get screwed by the weather.

Known issues:
– The weather core is pretty complex and was made for my liking and there’s no easy way to add options so everyone can change it to their liking unfortunately. But if you run into instances when you think you should be definitely ok with your current clothing but your not, let me know (preferably post the temperature + if you’re wearing a coat, west, gloves, or a hat).
– This mod was only tested by myself, it’s likely that you’ll run into some issues I missed…

Download SurvivalMechaincs.rar, extract it and drop the files into your Red Dead Redemption 2 game folder.


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