Ped Swapper Mod

Ped Swapper Mod

Ped Swapper to swap one ped with another.

Lets you swap one model with another.
Runs on script hook
install Ped-Swapper.asi into ProgramFiles\Rockstar Games\Red Dead Redemption 2 or wherever your game is located, and put a file named pedswapper.txt in there too.

The format for pedswapper.txt is as follows:
original_ped_model_hash ped_model_hash_to_replace_it_with
here is an example file that will replace chickens with vampires
A_C_Chicken_01 CS_Vampire
A_C_PrairieChicken_01 CS_Vampire
Some models seem to not want to work correctly though, as I tried replacing gang members with models and they turn mostly invisible

Also probably not compattable with my playground mod menu


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