FWOC – Fast Walking Outside Camp Mod

FWOC – Fast Walking Outside Camp Mod

Take in the beautiful scenery, get where you need to go, no longer mutually exclusive.

I always found it very annoying how there was no middle ground between walking at a snails pace, and a hasty jog. This only annoyed me further because there is a perfectly fine brisk walk animation available and fully functional in the game already, but for some reason you can only use it at camp.

I present to you Fast Walking Outside Camp! A mod I’ve wanted since the PS4 release of the game, but never had the smarts to make. Well here it finally is, so y’all can FWOC off anywhere you want now.

How to FWOC
Gamepad – With your left stick, you can now precisely control your walking speed all the way to the brisk walking speed you get when ‘running’ in camp.

Keyboard – Mod is currently a bit broken when using a keyboard. I strongly recommend installing Jewel’s Scroll Wheel Movement Speed Control instead, which I have personally used a lot until I decided I preferred using a pad for RDR2.

This mod requires Alexander Blade’s ScriptHook.

Simply place FastWalk.asi in your Red Dead Redemption 2 folder, the same folder you can find and executable called `PlayRDR2`.

Remove FastWalk.asi from your Red Dead Redemption 2 folder. This mod can be safely installed and uninstalled at any time.

Source code
Reading the source code of other mod authors has helped me immensely in figuring out how to start scripting. For this game, and others. To promote the sharing of knowledge, I have added the source code in the misc downloads section.

You are free to use the source code as you see fit, though a kudos would make me happy.


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